Video: Covid-19: Australia responds - Altina Drinks

This ACT based non-alcoholic beverage company were part of the Small Business Digital Champions Project. They have used this digital knowledge to adapt to the pandemic to offer subscription based services of their product through their online platform.
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I am Alan,

I am Christina,

Alan: This is Ollie.

We’re from Altina drinks based in Canberra.

Christina: We’re a start-up beverage manufacturer making healthier alcohol-free cocktails.

Alan: We’ve lost 80% percent of our revenue overnight due to the pandemic.

We’ve had to relook at our revenue stream and we’re going direct to consumers through our online store.

Christina:  We recently completed a digital transformation through the small business digital champions project.

The centrepiece of this for us was creating a new website. 

We’ve added handy features like a subscription model and back end tools that help us manage our inventory and customer databases.