Trade measurement inspectors visit meat, poultry and seafood retailers across Australia

National Measurement Institute (NMI) Trade Measurement Inspectors are out in force this week undertaking a major compliance audit of meat, poultry and seafood retailers.

NMI inspectors are carrying out around 500 inspections across Australia. Uniformed officers and ‘mystery shoppers’ are checking customers are not being over-charged.

Kerynne Birch, from NMI’s Legal Metrology Branch says Australia’s trade measurement laws are in place to ensure consumer confidence. This means customers can trust they’re getting what they pay for when buying products by weight, volume or number.

‘This week’s audit is the second part of the national concentrated audits known as the ‘Tare It’ program. The ‘Tare It’ program includes 3 one-week national concentrated audits over the 2022 –23 financial year. Each audit focusses on different retail sectors,’ Ms Birch added.

‘We’re helping businesses make sure their weighing instruments are accurate, so consumers can be confident they’re getting what they pay for.’

Concentrated national audits target different sectors. NMI gathers market intelligence to identify risk factors and determine target sectors. This doesn’t mean target sectors are more dishonest. Errors may be inadvertent, and most businesses fix issues once NMI inspectors point them out. NMI works proactively and collaboratively  with industry to encourage compliance.

The National Compliance Plan includes national concentrated audits across 3 retail sectors:

  • fruit and vegetable retailers
  • meat, fish and poultry retailers
  • delicatessens and smallgoods retailers.