Trade Measurement Officer Michael Cinco with his verification equipment and trade measurement vehicle.

The report details the extensive work the NMI does to ensure fair trading practices in the Australian economy.  

These activities provide a level playing field between buyers and sellers so that both parties get what they pay for. This includes making sure: 

  • measuring instruments are accurate 
  • packaged goods contain the right amount of product 
  • trader practices are fair.

Of the 4,400 traders audited over the year, roughly a third (33.3%) were found to have compliance issues on their first visit. However this dropped to less than 8% on a follow up visit.  

Where measurement errors are found they are usually minor and large errors are rare. The most common enforcement response is for trade measurement inspectors to give advice and conduct follow-up inspections to ensure compliance. Most businesses are keen to do the right thing and promptly rectify trade measurement breaches once they are aware of them.

Throughout the course of these inspections, our officers:

  • tested around 7,600 measuring instruments
  • conducted more than 650 fuel quality audits
  • reviewed nearly 30,000 lines of packaged goods (more than 100,000 individual packages) for correct measure and measurement labelling.

We issued 47 warning letters and 18 infringement notices totalling $27,700 during this period. 

Compliance with measurement regulation in 2022–23

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