Roadmap to support Indigenous businesses

Our launch of the new Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander Business Support Roadmap coincides with NAIDOC Week 2020.
: Indigenous artwork shows a Yuyang (glossy black cockatoo) in dark green with wildflowers in green, a pink feather and an aqua background.

Introducing the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Business Support Roadmap. Credit: Amy Tracey

Our department is launching an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Business Support Roadmap to coincide with NAIDOC Week 2020. The Roadmap represents our commitment to inclusive policy and brings together Indigenous business-related work across the department.

A resilient and thriving Indigenous business sector is key to empowering Indigenous Australians—creating jobs and delivering transformative economic outcomes.

Our vision is to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses to contribute to, and benefit from, Australia’s economic growth. This vision aligns with our Reconciliation Action Plan.

The Roadmap shows how we are changing the way we do business by:

  • improving Indigenous business access to programs
  • improving Indigenous business outcomes through procurement
  • building the Indigenous engagement ecosystem

The Roadmap is the first step on a journey to ensure that our department continues to support a positive cycle of economic empowerment for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples. It will be a live document. We’ll update it annually to ensure we keep growing a strong and vibrant Indigenous business sector.

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Research from the Supporting Indigenous Business Project underpins the Roadmap

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