Register now for Techtonic 2.0: National Artificial Intelligence Summit

Techtonic 2.0 will provide you an opportunity to be inspired by the next wave of Australia’s deep AI capabilities, and their potential to shape our future.
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Registrations are open for the second artificial intelligence (AI) summit – Techtonic 2.0

Updated 19 July 2021: You can now watch the full Techtonic 2.0 summit on video.

Registrations are open for the second artificial intelligence (AI) summit – Techtonic 2.0.

The event will be held online on 18 June 2021.

AI has the potential to change our lives for better. It will increase productivity, forge new industries and enable more inclusive services. This will boost the economy, create new jobs, and improve our quality of life.

Techtonic 2.0 is an opportunity for you to engage with local and international AI experts. Talks will highlight the current and future potential of this paradigm-shifting technology.

As well as a session focusing on AI applications in manufacturing, the event will also have four break-out streams, including:

  • Putting AI ethics principles into practice: translating Australia’s AI ethics principles into practice and investigating the challenges that different organisations face in ensuring their ethical development and use of AI.
  • The next wave of AI technologies: the future of AI and what we can expect from the technology in the next 5–10 years.
  • How to AI-proof our workforce: the impact of AI on the workforce and our skills system and what we can learn from previous waves of industry transformation.
  • Using AI to deliver for citizens: how all Australians can benefit from AI and how it can be used to deliver better outcomes for regional and marginalised Australians.

Please join our inspiring speakers as they explore the future potential of AI. Speakers include:

  • Jon Whittle, Director of Data61 CSIRO, oversees the digital and data science arm of Australia's national science agency. Jon’s expertise on the future of Australia’s digital landscape will enrich discussions on the potential of AI in Australian manufacturing.
  • Dr Sue Keay, CEO of Queensland AI Hub, leads the development of Australia’s first robotics roadmap.  She will share her insights and experience on how robotics and automation can drive Australia’s future in manufacturing.   Prior to her appointment at AI Hub, Susan served as the Research Director for Cyber-Physical Systems at CSIRO’s Data61. She introduced Australia to the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing.
  • David Chuter, CEO and Managing Director of Innovative Manufacturing Cooperative Research Centre Limited, will discuss Australia’s potential for creating a stronger manufacturing platform through investment in AI. David is an experienced senior executive with a strong industry record in leading strategic business growth, operational management, and change in the manufacturing sector.

See the full list of guest speakers on the Techtonic 2.0 event platform.

This event builds on the success of the first Techtonic summit in 2019, our recent work with the AI ethics pilot with industry and consultation on the forthcoming AI Action Plan.

All sessions will be recorded and uploaded to website after the event so you can watch all of the sessions on demand.

Event details

When: Friday, 18 June 2021

Time: 1:00pm to 4:35pm (AEST)

Venue: Online

If you need a transcript for this video, please contact us.

If you need a transcript for this video, please contact us.