Patents accessibility review: have your say

We are seeking feedback to improve the accessibility of Australia’s patent application system for Australian small or medium sized businesses. Consultation closes on 31 October.
Photo of small business owners working together to design a system.

We aim to help Australian small and medium sized businesses navigate Australia’s patent system. Image credit: Getty

Australia’s standard patent application system provides Australian businesses (including SMEs) with a way to protect inventions domestically. It also gives them a route for entry into the international patent system to protect inventions in export markets. Overall, Australia’s patent system is effective. However, many SMEs find it complex and daunting to navigate.

To make it easier to navigate, we’re reviewing the accessibility of patent system for Australian SMEs.

The review is part of the Australian Government’s commitment to ensuring our intellectual property (IP) framework supports smaller businesses.

Independent expert Emeritus Professor Raoul Mortley AO is leading the review and will report to the Minister for Industry, Science and Technology next year.

Professor Mortley held initial consultations in August and September 2020 through targeted interviews with stakeholders. He is now seeking feedback through public consultation.

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Consultation closes on 31 October.

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