A group of people working on their computers at a desk. Their hands typing on devices that show report data.

Our department received 2,666 responses to the APS employee census.

Results are in for the 2023 Australian Public Service (APS) Employee Census. The census collects employee attitudes and opinions on important issues in the workplace.

It helps us understand workforce views and identify areas to improve. Our department’s highlights report shows what employees think about: 

  • engagement 
  • leadership 
  • communication and change 
  • workplace conditions 
  • inclusion 
  • innovation 
  • wellbeing 
  • performance 
  • retention.

We have also published our Census Action Plan 2023. This is the first year we have published an action plan in response to census results. The plan covers:

  • our commitments 
  • areas of improvement
  • what staff can expect to see from our leadership team.

We will give an update midway through the census cycle on our progress. 

Go to our highlights report and action plan.

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