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NMI’s 2020 PFAS PT End-user workshop is on Wed 25 Nov 2020. Keynote by Dr Hunter Anderson (USAF).
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The National Measurement Institute (NMI) is holding its 2020 PFAS and Proficiency Testing End-user workshop on 25 November from 12-2pm.

This popular workshop series is for regulators, consultants, contaminated site managers and other environment industry stakeholders relying on laboratory analyses when making decisions involving the per- and poly- fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) group of environmental contaminants.

This year’s workshop will be opened by Luke McLeod, Department of Defence.

Topics covered through presentations and breakout discussions include:

  • Emerging PFAS data quality issues (Dr Hunter Anderson, US Air Force)
  • TOP assay vs. TOF (Dr Karl Bowles, RPS AAP, consultant to Defence)
  • An update on the PFAS NEMP (Dr Sara Broomhall, Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment)
  • HRMS for non-targeted PFAS analysis (Dr Robert Symons, Eurofins)
  • Analytical Best Practice – what should this look like? (Dr Marc Centner, ALS Global)
  • Findings from NMI’s 2020 proficiency study on the TOP assay (Luminita Antin, NMI).

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