Photo of Dr Yi Li in the High-Voltage Laboratory

Dr Yi Li, former manager of the High-Voltage Laboratory at Australia’s National Measurement Institute, with some of the equipment we need to check the accuracy of measuring devices the electricity industry uses. Credit: Thomas Wielecki

NMI has been at the forefront of measurement science in Australia since 2004. We’ve played a key role in accurate and reliable work across a wide range of industries. 

We’re proud of the milestones and impact we’ve achieved. From pioneering work in electrification, quantum measurement and grid-level renewables, to exploring new low-emission fuels like hydrogen. From high quality services like calibration, chemical analysis and legal metrology to sports drug testing.

At the heart of NMI's success are the people who bring their expertise, dedication and passion. Our team includes experts who have devoted decades to the institute. We also have enthusiastic newcomers who bring fresh ideas and energy to our projects.

Our work extends beyond the laboratory. NMI is also home to Trade Measurement Inspectors, whose work ensures fair and accurate measurement in trade across Australia. Their efforts safeguard consumer trust and promote fair practices in the marketplace. 

As we celebrate this milestone, we also look forward to the future. NMI is fostering innovation, improving measurement standards and supporting the scientific community. Here's to 20 years of success, driven by the people at NMI who make it all possible.