A new suite of analytical services at the National Measurement Institute

NMI expanded its capabilities to include complex analyses of medicinal cannabis products for use in palliative care and cancer treatment.
A woman in a laboratory coat looking at a computer and microscope.

Microscopic testing of medicinal cannabis to confirm compliance.

The National Measurement Institute (NMI) expanded its medicinal cannabis testing capabilities. NMI has also increased its scope of Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) accreditation.

It now has a suite of tests for medicinal cannabis products. The tests available ensure medicinal cannabis:

  • is safe for people to use
  • meets strict potency standards

These changes meet the needs of industry and the community.

Strict medicinal cannabis testing has led to this pharmaceutical product becoming more available. People with terminal illnesses use it to help ease their suffering.

Since prehistoric times, people have used cannabis as a mind-altering drug. People associate it with recreational drug users. However, along with the psychoactive ingredient of cannabis, more than 100 cannabinoids are present in the plant.

Today cannabis is gaining a reputation for its use in medicine. Cannabis extracts rich in cannabidiol and cannabinol can treat a range of medical conditions. Examples include:

  • epilepsy
  • chemotherapy-induced nausea
  • chronic pain management

An entire industry has grown around cannabis-derived medicinal products. These products must be licensed for use in a medical setting. Cannabinoid compounds must undergo the same rigorous testing required for any pharmaceutical product in Australia. The TGA, using the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989, monitors and governs their use.

Scientists at NMI conduct a suite of tests on cannabis plants. They ensure the plants oils contain enough cannabinoids to be beneficial. They also ensure it doesn't contain:

  • psychoactive substances
  • harmful microbes
  • harmful toxins like pesticides or heavy metals

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