New Critical Minerals Prospectus showcases investment opportunities

The government has released a new Australian Critical Minerals Prospectus to boost investment in critical minerals projects.
Photo shows metallic grey rocks, which have blue, streaked highlights on the surface

The new Australian Critical Minerals Prospectus will boost investment in critical minerals projects. Image credit: Austrade

The government has released a new prospectus to attract more investment in Australia’s critical minerals projects.

The Australian Critical Minerals Prospectus 2020, showcases significant investment opportunities in hundreds of critical minerals and rare earth elements mining projects across Australia.

Australia has an abundance of critical minerals and has the potential to be a global leader in the ethical and environmentally responsible supply of key critical minerals. Expanding supply and meeting the growing demand is a key focus of Australia’s Critical Minerals Strategy.

To attract more investment in our critical minerals sector, the Prospectus includes:

  • an introduction to critical minerals and rare-earth elements, Australian potential, and global supplies
  • a profile of Australia’s current production of critical minerals and rankings against global supplies
  • a summary of how Australian agencies support development of critical minerals in Australia
  • an analysis of each critical mineral, including characteristics, current supply and demand
  • a list of advanced critical minerals projects in Australia, including mineral inventory, infrastructure and funding

The Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade) in collaboration with Geoscience Australia and the Critical Minerals Facilitation Office produced the Prospectus.

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