Close-up view of robotic arm

The committee will help us harness opportunities and address challenges so all Australians can benefit from robotics and automation technology.

A new National Robotics Strategy Advisory Committee will help grow our domestic robotics and automation industry and ensure Australians benefit from the technology.

The committee is made up of people with technical expertise and industry experience in robotics and automation, as well as perspectives on diversity and inclusion, ethics and social impact, skills, investment and technology adoption.

Chaired by CSIRO’s Chief Scientist Professor Bronwyn Fox, the committee will provide strategic guidance, support and high-level oversight to support our department to develop a national robotics strategy.

Committee members are:

  • Dr Catherine Ball, Associate Professor, School of Engineering, Australian National University
  • Mr Andrew Dettmer, National President, Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union
  • Professor Hugh Durrant-Whyte, NSW Chief Scientist & Engineer
  • Dr Sue Keay, Founder and Chair, Robotics Australia Group
  • Professor Simon Lucey, Director, Australian Institute of Machine Learning
  • Associate Professor Julia Powles, Co-Director, Minderoo Tech & Policy Lab
  • Mr Mike Zimmerman, Partner, Main Sequence Ventures.