National roadmap for critical minerals development

The Critical Minerals Facilitation Office will lead a national roadmap for critical minerals development, endorsed by COAG Resources Ministers.
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The Critical Minerals Facilitation Office is leading a coordinated national approach to critical minerals policy.

The Critical Minerals Facilitation Office (CMFO) will take the lead on the National Critical Minerals Development Roadmap.

Endorsed by COAG Resources Ministers, the roadmap is at the centre of the COAG Critical Minerals Work Plan designed to:

  • boost critical mineral exploration
  • open up new basins
  • promote downstream value adding activity

The CMFO’s purpose is to lead a coordinated national approach to critical minerals policy. The roadmap, developed and supported by all jurisdictions, will underpin this approach by:

  • better aligning critical minerals strategies, activities and initiatives in progress across all COAG resources jurisdictions
  • driving a more strategic, national approach to Australia’s critical minerals trade and investment activities
  • unlocking value added export opportunities and highly-skilled jobs in Australia, especially in downstream processing

To focus efforts, a first step under the roadmap is agreeing a set of priority critical minerals that match the needs of key international partners and leverage Australia’s comparative advantage. This will allow us to see gaps in Australia’s current capabilities and determine the best work streams to address them.

The impacts of COVID-19 have heightened the importance of diversified critical minerals supply chains. This roadmap will ensure Australia is ready to assist with post-COVID-19 recovery.

As the Australian Government’s central coordination point for industry, investors and academia, the CMFO continues to engage across the sector. We are working to identify and respond to opportunities to grow our critical minerals potential. The roadmap represents a forward plan that will leverage the critical mineral resources and know-how across the country to strengthen the sector.

We will report on progress periodically to the COAG Energy Council.

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