National Radioactive Waste Management Facility: Statement on buffer zone

We have issued a response to media coverage of the facility in the Adelaide Advertiser.
Media release

The following can be attributed to a spokesperson for the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science:

“Radioactive waste is stored in more than 100 locations around Australia, and international best practice is that it be consolidated into a single, safe and purpose-built facility,” said the spokesperson.

“The facility will only be located on land that is volunteered, which is suitable from a technical perspective, and that’s alongside a community that broadly supports the new industry it would bring.

“To that end, we are consulting with two communities near three volunteered sites: two near Kimba and one near Wallerberdina Station, as well as undertaking technical studies at those locations, to better understand the site characteristics

“It has always been considered that at least 100 hectares of land – which includes a 40-hectare operational footprint plus a buffer zone – would be needed for the facility.

“Technical studies conducted over the last 18 months will further inform the exact size of the buffer zone, and the activities to take place within it, for example agricultural trials.

“We are continuing to keep community groups updated as this work progresses, and will confirm findings once they are concluded.

“The communities are at the centre of this work and have been briefed in detail on the technical studies, most recently on the flora and fauna studies and socio-economic studies.

“These briefings have included presentations at the local consultative committees, which included question and answer sessions and the provision of reports and other supportive information.

“This information has been posted to the local community and is available online on our selecting a radioactive waste site webpage.

“The Department also maintains offices in each of the local communities and anyone who is interested is able to visit to find further information.”

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