Photo of 2 gas meters fixed to a red brick wall.

Utility meter verifiers use NITP 14 - National Instrument Test Procedures for Utility Meters to check if a meter meets the conditions for verification.

NMI is working to revise NITP 14. The proposed revision divides the tests for different kinds of utility meters, includes tests for gas meters and other changes.  

As part of this process, we are seeking feedback from stakeholders on:

  • NITP 14.0 – Utility meters – general requirements
  • NITP 14.1 – Utility meters – gas meters
  • NITP 14.2 – Utility meters – electricity meters
  • NITP 14.3 – Utility meters – water meters.

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View the revisions and give comments on our consultation hub. Submissions close 2 February 2024.