National Hydrogen Strategy priorities and delivery for 2020

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11 September 2020

Updated: Originally published on 15 June 2020.

In November 2019, we released the National Hydrogen Strategy. Now we’re bringing it to life.

The COAG Energy Council established the Hydrogen Project Team in March 2020 to implement the strategy. Alongside establishment of the Hydrogen Project Team, Australia’s Chief Scientist Dr Alan Finkel will continue to provide support as the government’s Hydrogen Adviser.

Here in the department, the Hydrogen Strategy team will support Australian Government activities to advance Australia’s hydrogen industry and shape global markets. James Hetherington leads this team.

National Hydrogen Strategy 2020 priorities

This year we’re focussing on international collaboration, national coordination, supporting priority industry projects and legislative reviews.

Guarantee of Origin Certification scheme

An initial consultation with industry on a hydrogen certification scheme closes 22 June 2020. Next: a mid-year workshop. Stay tuned for further developments over time.

International partnerships and engagement

Australia is engaging internationally to build on our strong trade relationships and set the foundation for Australia to become a key exporter of hydrogen.

Key developments include:

Review of the legal framework

The COAG Hydrogen Project Team is coordinating a review of state, territory and Commonwealth hydrogen regulations relevant to hydrogen safety and industry development. The review will deliver recommendations for reform.

Review supporting hydrogen use in Australian gas networks

The COAG Hydrogen Project Team is leading review activities to support use of hydrogen in Australian gas networks. These include: a review of the National Gas Law (NGL) and other national energy legislation, regulations and rules as applied to hydrogen; economic analysis of hydrogen in gas networks; and options for a framework for setting and allowing updates of upper limits on the volume of hydrogen allowed to be blended in gas networks.

Support for pilots, trials and demonstrations

The government has committed $370 million to advancing Australia’s hydrogen industry since the release of the strategy. Applications have now closed for the $70 million Renewable Hydrogen Deployment Funding Round run by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA). ARENA received 36 expressions of interest in response to the initial application stage, with projects totalling more than $3 billion.

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