The National AI Centre (NAIC) becomes the Australian Government’s flagship organisation for engaging with industry around artificial intelligence, driving new models of collaboration among researchers, academics and industry.

The change aims to better connect AI advice from across Australia with government.

It complements Budget measures to help our department coordinate work across government, supported by strong industry and community engagement, and expert advice. 

NAIC will continue its core focus areas:

  • supporting AI adoption for small and medium businesses by addressing barriers and challenges 
  • growing an Australian AI industry 
  • convening the AI ecosystem 
  • uplifting safe and responsible AI practice.

This includes developing and providing resources for business and industry such as:

  • courses and introductory info to help you get started with AI
  • detailed guidance on how to responsibly use AI
  • curated resources from Australia's AI industry
  • events linking local AI builders with those looking to adopt AI.