Image of VAMMIT methane abatement equipment

CSIRO’s VAMMIT (Ventilation Air Methane Mitigator) technology has been trialled with the actual VAM at a coal mine in Australia. It destroyed ≥0.3% methane in air with a significantly lowed pressure drop and power consumption. Credit: CSIRO

The investment will fund projects to tackle methane emissions from coal mines through the Resources Methane Abatement Fund.

Reducing emissions from the resources sector is an important part of Australia’s transition to net zero.

It also supports our commitment to the: 

  • Global Methane Pledge 
  • Safeguard Mechanism.

Successful grant recipients

Two projects will receive funding:

  • $2.05 million for CSIRO to conduct optimisation and site trials of the catalytic Ventilation Air Methane mitigator (VAMMIT)
  • $2.3 million for the University of Newcastle to conduct research and design towards the scaleup of a catalytic methane mitigation unit.

When commercially viable, the projects will also make mining safer for those who work underground.