Measurement Law Review: have your say

Share your feedback on the proposed reform options for modernising measurement law. Submissions are now open.
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We are modernising, streamlining and simplifying Australia’s future measurement laws.

The National Measurement Institute (NMI) is seeking input on the future direction of Australia’s measurement laws.

NMI CEO and Australia’s Chief Metrologist, Bruce Warrington, invites Australians to provide feedback on options proposed for modernising Australia’s regulatory framework for measurement.

“We all rely on measurement every day, whether it’s getting what you pay for at the shops, protecting our health and safety, or supporting business in domestic and international trade” Dr Warrington said.

“New measurement technologies are developing all the time. Businesses adopt new technologies to boost productivity and support economic growth. Our measurement legislation needs to support innovative solutions and meet the evolving needs of industry.

“This is a once in a generation opportunity to help shape the laws that provide confidence in measurement across our economy and society.”

The proposed reforms to Australia’s measurement laws include changes designed to:

  • accommodate advances in measurement and instrument technologies
  • support Australia’s uptake of best-practice international technical standards
  • lower burdens for business, for example by taking a more flexible and principles-based approach to regulation

Interested parties can access the paper outlining the proposed reforms and provide their feedback.

Have your say on our consultation hub.

Submissions are open for four weeks, closing on 14 May 2021.

The department will also hold virtual ‘town hall’ discussions for key stakeholder groups, including consumers, industry and regulators.

Read more about our virtual 'town hall' discussions.

See the video

This video, produced by the National Measurement Institute, features Dr. Bruce Warrington, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Metrologist.


The Australian Government is seeking your views on the future direction of our measurement law.

We rely on measurement every day, often without thinking about it. Trusted measurements support domestic and international trade, ensure consumers get what they pay for and protect the health and safety of all Australians.

Now we have a once in a generation opportunity to help shape the laws that support confidence in measurement across our economy and society.

I encourage you to engage with the review of our measurement law and share your views.

So that we can keep Australia at the forefront of business, science and technology.

Thank you.

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