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International tech partnerships to cut emissions and create jobs

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16 June 2021

Australia’s efforts to reduce emissions and create jobs have received a major boost from new technology partnerships with Singapore, Germany and Japan.

The partnerships focus on priority low emissions technologies, including clean hydrogen. Initiatives under the partnerships will help Australia:

  • attract investment
  • build supply chains
  • advance research and technology.

Australia–Singapore partnership on low emissions technologies in maritime and port operations

Australia and Singapore will establish a $30 million partnership to accelerate the deployment of low emissions fuels and technologies like clean hydrogen, battery storage and electrification. This will work to reduce emissions in maritime and port operations.

This is part of the work under the memorandum of understanding on low emissions technologies and solutions Australia signed with Singapore last year.

Japan–Australia partnership on decarbonisation through technology

This new partnership between Australia and Japan will increase our shared focus on:

  • lower emissions liquid natural gas production, transport and use
  • clean fuel ammonia
  • clean hydrogen
  • carbon capture, utilisation and storage
  • carbon recycling
  • low emissions steel and iron ore.

Australia–Germany Hydrogen Accord

Australia and Germany are working together to accelerate the development of a hydrogen industry under a new hydrogen accord.

Under the accord, Australia and Germany will:

  • Establish HyGate, the German-Australian Hydrogen Innovation and Technology Incubator. HyGate will co-fund pilot, trial, demonstration and research projects along the renewable hydrogen supply chain.
  • Facilitate industry-to-industry cooperation on demonstration projects in Australian hydrogen hubs.
  • Explore options to export renewable hydrogen and ammonia from Australia to Germany.

The accord builds on Australia’s existing collaboration with Germany on low emissions technologies including hydrogen, with a 2-year supply chain study between the two countries already underway.

Australia’s Special Adviser to the Australian Government on Low Emissions Technology, Dr Alan Finkel, played a key role in brokering these partnerships.

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