A hand holding a pen over a report

Highlights include our work towards improving manufacturing productivity, business growth and tax concession programs.

The 2021–22 Industry Innovation and Science Australia annual report has been released, outlining our achievements for the year. Highlights include:

  • reviewing the Modern Manufacturing Initiative (MMI) roadmaps to identify common issues to address to improve productivity across the manufacturing sector
  • building on our previous work analysing the investment characteristics of innovative businesses. This allows us to identify how we can further support business growth through innovation
  • finalising our joint review with the Treasury into Australia’s Venture Capital (VC) tax concession programs. The review determined whether the concessions are achieving their intended objectives.

The annual report also outlines how we’ve continued to:

  • engage the public to promote and advocate for Australia’s industry innovation, science and research systems
  • oversee systems to ensure effective and efficient innovation program delivery.

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