How do we measure things?

As part of National Science Week, the National Measurement Institute has released the first of a series of videos explaining the basic units of measurement.
Photo of Dr Bruce Warrington in front of a Tardis post office box provided by the ABC.

Australia’s Chief Metrologist, Dr Bruce Warrington

Have you ever wondered how we measure time, mass, length, temperature, brightness, electricity, atoms and other stuff?

National Measurement Institute’s (NMI) new series of videos explains the 7 basic units of measurement simply for kids.

In the first fun video, Dr Bruce Warrington shows us how we measure the second. Travelling through space and time in a Tardis supplied by the ABC, Bruce shows how measuring the base units has changed over the centuries. He then explains how accurate measurement allows us to design new technologies for the modern world.

As Australia’s Chief Metrologist and head of the NMI, Bruce knows a lot about time. He completed his doctorate on atomic physics and worked with CSIRO to develop atomic clocks. He also led our delegation to Paris, voting to redefine the kilogram and the other base units of the international measurement system.

These videos are part of our outreach to improve science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education. They aim to make learning about measurement fun, so share them far and wide, especially with any teachers you know!

See the video transcript.

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