Gippsland area announced as priority for Australia’s first offshore wind assessment

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7 April 2022

The Bass Strait off Gippsland will be the nation’s first priority area to be assessed for suitability for offshore wind developments.  

The focus will be on identifying existing users of the marine area that will need to be taken into account when considering any future offshore renewable energy infrastructure activities, particularly offshore wind projects.

Important users include:

  • the environment, such as marine life and migratory birds
  • existing maritime infrastructure and industries such as fishing shipping
  • other marine stakeholders and local communities. 

The annoucement is the first step to developing a strong Australian offshore wind industry that:

  • serves to secure affordable energy
  • creates jobs and investment
  • increases economic growth of regional and coastal economies.

A strong offshore energy industry can provide clean and affordable power to households, businesses and industrial consumers. Supporting this industry will help Australia achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

Other priority areas for offshore wind will continue to be identified and announced.

We will provide details of the Gippsland area assessment once the Offshore Electricity Infrastructure Act 2021 commences in June 2022.

The government is also developing detailed regulations to support the Act. The regulations will set out operational arrangements.

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