Australian fish for sale at fish market

NMI inspectors will be making a list and checking it twice for fair measures on seasonal goods this week.

Legal metrology general manager Bill Loizides says his team is focused on making sure that Australian families and businesses get a fair deal over the festive season.

‘The festive season is already an expensive time for many, with Australians forecast to spend more than $26 billion on food alone in November and December,’ he said.

‘Inaccurate trade measurements can mean that consumers aren’t getting their full value for money. With many Australians also feeling cost-of-living pressures, that’s the last thing we want.’

NMI inspectors will carry out around 350 site visits across supermarkets, specialty retailers and fresh food markets across Australia in the week of 20–24 November. The festive season audits will target specialty seasonal goods like Christmas cakes and puddings, as well as celebratory staples like prawns or turkey.

As part of the inspections, trade measurement inspectors will: 

  • test measuring instruments such as shop scales, inspect packaged goods and review business practices
  • investigate complaints about potential breaches 
  • give advice on meeting compliance obligations
  • take enforcement action when necessary.

For further information contact the national trade measurement helpline on 1300 686 664 or