National Science Week 2023

National Science Week 2023 is a great year for diversity and inclusion. We are funding a wide range of activities targeting diverse Australian audiences including: 

  • Gurraj Region Science Week at Kalkaringi School in the Northern Territory. Deadly Science, local Gurindji community members and Street Science will host workshops for all ages.  
  • A multisensory science book exhibition for blind and low vision people. Hosted by Monash University, it will take place across sites in Victoria and New South Wales. The exhibition includes interactive multisensory books, tactile art, sculptures and data sonification.  
  • ‘The Drag Experiment’ at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney. This in-person and online show features 4 talented performers who are scientists by day and drag artists by night. The show combines drag performances with scientific concepts and research. At the end, the audience votes to crown their favourite. 
  • The 10-day Beaker Street Festival in Tasmania. Workshops and installations at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery and the Beaker Street Crawl around Hobart. Other highlights include science comedy with Dr Karl, and a Dark Sky party on the East Coast.

The range of topics explored by grant recipients reflect the diversity of Australian science. Examples include:

  • young astrophysicists presenting quantum and particle physics 
  • marine scientists sharing the science of sharks, jellyfish and whales.

Find details of all 32 grant recipients at

National Science Week 2023 will take place from 12–20 August. It will feature a combination of online and in-person events across Australia. 

The 2023 school theme for National Science Week is ‘Innovation: Powering Future Industries’. This includes the advancement of technology in all industries especially using artificial intelligence (AI).