Gas fired recovery plan: have your say

We are seeking feedback on the Australian Government’s vision for a gas-fired recovery for Australia’s economy. Submissions are open to 26 February 2021.
Manometer on yellow pipes in a gas distribution station

Consultation on the gas-fired recovery is now open. Image credit: DarioEgidi via Getty

The Australian Government has a vision for a gas fired recovery from COVID-19. This will be delivered via a number of measures across 3 key action areas: unlocking supply, efficient transportation and empowering consumers.

Our department is seeking public submissions to inform measures such as:

  • the National Gas Infrastructure Plan (NGIP)
  • establishing Wallumbilla as Australia’s gas hub

Your feedback will help us understand issues that require consideration and identify who we need to consult.

Read more and have your say on our Consultation hub.

The consultation will close on 26 February 2021.

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