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7 July 2018

The new industry.gov.au is designed to better provide our information and services to you, and to help you get what you want faster.

What’s new?

  • We’ve simplified the writing and cut back the amount of pages to reduce duplication and improve the reading experience
  • It’s a responsive design, meaning you can navigate the website no matter what device you’re using
  • We’ve done away with the long menus based on our internal structure, and instead provided topic-based navigation to help you navigate more easily
  • Our pages are designed to help you find them by keyword searching
  • You can view latest news on the homepage or on relevant webpages
  • We use tags that allow you to browse all content on a certain topic or theme

Where is everything?

The new task-based layout uses some top level categories, and some subcategories. These will change over time as our website grows and adapts.

The top level categories are:

  • Data and publications: We’ve put all our reports, data and analysis in one central location and we’ve made it easy to filter and search by title, date, topic, type and author.
  • Funding and incentives: While our programs, incentives and assistance services are all available through business.gov.au, to help you find the policy behind the program, we’ve created this top level category broken down by the sectors we support.
  • Strategies for the future: Here you’ll find strategies, initiatives, taskforces and agendas that have a national and international impact.
  • Regulations and standards: Here you can view the regulatory and legislative functions of which we have carriage.
  • Community activities: View the work we do in collaboration with communities and the public.
  • Government to government: View the range of services we provide other government entities including state and local governments.
  • About us: This is available via the top links. Here you’ll find all our corporate information including how to apply for a position, financial reporting, our structure and organisational chart.

You can navigate through the main sections of the website by using:

  1. top links
  2. the ‘hamburger’ menu
  3. the homepage tiles
  4. our ‘mega footer’

Screenshot of the industry.gov.au website with the numbers 1 to 4 corresponding to the text on the page. 1 is for the top links, 2 is for the hamburger menu, 3 is for the homepage tiles, 4 is for the mega footer.

What if it’s not working for me?

A website is never truly ‘finished’ and will adapt and grow as more content and functionality is introduced. To make sure you get the best out of the new website:

Make sure your browser is up-to-date

Our website is designed to work on a wide variety of browsers and operating systems, although it’s best viewed using the latest version of your browser.

If you’re using an unsupported version of your web browser (for example Internet Explorer 8 or earlier), we recommend upgrading your browser to ensure the best possible online experience.

Update your bookmarks

While we’ve done our best to use redirects where possible, you’ll find that some of your bookmarks to the old website don’t work. If you find your bookmark doesn't work, you can use the search function to find the latest version of the content you’re looking for.

Let us know

If you can’t find what you’re looking for you can use the anonymous feedback mechanism available on each page.

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We made the website using user-centred design methodology, testing it with real people, and sought your feedback to help us improve it.

See the Digital Transformation Agency’s Digital Service Standard to understand the process we followed.