Competition to name Australia’s lunar rover

Australians have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to name an Aussie-built rover that will go to the Moon. Voting on 4 shortlisted names is now open.

Australia, we’re going to the Moon. The Australian Space Agency wants to bring the nation on its boldest adventure yet. 

You have the chance to be part of history, by helping to choose the name for Australia’s first lunar rover .

Trailblazer program

The Australian Space Agency, in partnership with NASA, is working with Australia’s space industry to design and build an Australian-made rover. It’s part of the Trailblazer program under the Moon to Mars initiative. 

Drawing on Australia’s world-leading remote operations expertise, the rover will collect lunar soil, known as regolith. NASA will attempt to extract oxygen from the sample. This is a key step towards a sustainable human presence on the Moon. 

The rover will go to the Moon as part of a future Artemis mission by as early as 2026.

The competition

More than 8,200 people and schools from across Australia entered the competition to name the rover. Our judges have narrowed it down to 4 names. It’s now over to you to vote for your favourite.

Competition stages

  • Tuesday 5 September – Friday 20 October 2023

    Competition open via a website survey. Entries closed at 11:59pm (ADST) on 20 October.

  • Monday 23 October – Friday 17 November 2023

    Shortlisting entries. Individuals or schools with shortlisted names notified. 

  • Monday 20 November – Friday 1 December 2023

    Public voting via a website survey. Entries close at 11:59pm (ADST) on Friday 1 December.

  • Wednesday 6 December 2023

    Winning rover name announced on the day of the 16th Australian Space Forum in Sydney.

Information for schools

To get Australian students excited and engaged in the opportunity, schools can download a presentation and supporting materials.