Circular Economy: a CSIRO roadmap to unlock future growth opportunities

Our department tasked CSIRO to develop a national Circular Economy roadmap for plastics, glass, paper and tyres.
Close up photo of blue crumbled glass.

CSIRO’s Circular Economy roadmap for plastics, glass, paper and tyres presents pathways to unlock future growth opportunities for Australia. Photo: Orane Thomas, Unsplash

Our department tasked the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) to develop the roadmap in consultation with industry and government stakeholders.

Australia has previously exported a lot of its waste. Due to partial bans, there is now a heightened need to process, reuse and recycle our waste domestically, particularly across the major waste resource streams.

To address this, the road map:

  • outlines the current state of products and waste, identifying barriers and opportunities
  • responds to existing government initiatives, contributing to a whole of government approach
  • proposes Australia’s need for a Circular Economy Strategy

A circular economy looks to eliminate waste and re-use resources across the whole supply chain. It aims to create an economy that manages materials sustainably. This would address environmental issues, and foster regional employment. Transitioning supply chains and business models this way relies on innovation in technologies, products and processes.

The roadmap suggests Australia already has what it needs to implement this approach. 

Read the full roadmap on the CSIRO website

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