National Science Week 2023

Celebrate World Metrology Day 2023. Image credit: World Metrology Day/ BIPM

World Metrology Day raises awareness about the importance of measurement. Science, trade, and industry all rely on accurate measurement to function and produce results.

This year’s theme is measurements supporting the global food system. With the world’s population reaching 8 billion at the end of 2022, measurement will help combat the challenges of climate change and support global access to food.

The theme highlights the reliance of the global food system on both quantity and quality. Food measurement ranges from large volumes of grain traded internationally, through to making sure pre-packaged goods are labelled correctly. Measurement also helps trade by testing for things like genetically modified organisms (GMO) and nutrient levels.

Australia’s National Measurement Institute (NMI) makes sure that measurements supporting our food sector are accurate. We have an important role in supporting Australia’s food exports as well ensuring safe and fair trade locally. Some of the ways we do this include:

  • Overseeing measurements determining the commercial value of food-related goods. 
  • Contributing to Australian and international food research. This helps expand humanity’s access to more sustainable dietary sources. 
  • Supporting new consumer products entry to market, including Indigenous foods. For example, NMI have tested Kakadu Plum fruit samples for nutritional components such as vitamin C content and polyphenols and for safety, including microbials, such as bacteria.
  • Offering a comprehensive set of food related capabilities and services. This helps ensure the quantity and quality of primary and processed food products. Our laboratories also contribute towards demonstrating authenticity of high-value export products. 

Happy World Metrology Day!