Carbon capture projects receive funding to accelerate technology and reduce emissions

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8 June 2021

Six carbon capture projects have received funding to accelerate the development of the technology in Australia while creating jobs, mostly in regional areas.

The projects will share in $50 million from the Carbon Capture, Use and Storage Development Fund. The projects demonstrate several ways that carbon capture technology can reduce emissions from hard-to-abate sectors.

Carbon capture is a proven technology that can permanently cut emissions from:

  • energy generation
  • natural gas
  • hydrogen production
  • heavy industries.

The successful projects cover:

  • low-cost capture and storage of CO2 emitted from LNG operations for permanent storage (Santos Limited)
  • the construction of a mobile demonstration plant that captures and uses CO2 to produce manufacturing and construction materials (Mineral Carbonation International)
  • the capture and use of CO2 emitted from the production of biomethane at landfill sites (Energy Developments Pty Ltd)
  • possible carbon capture and storage from a coal-fired power station and the development of a geological storage basin (Carbon Transport and Storage Company)
  • a pilot scale carbon capture and use project to improve the quality of recycled concrete, masonry and steel slag (Boral Limited)
  • demonstration of direct-air-capture (DAC) and storage project to geologically sequester CO2 in an existing injection well (Corporate Carbon Advisory Pty Ltd).

Carbon capture and storage is one of 5 priority technology areas in the Technology Investment Roadmap: First Low Emissions Technology Statement.

Read more about the successful projects in the minister’s media release.

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