Be aware of COVID fraud: an awareness guide for businesses

Read our COVID fraud awareness guide for business.
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Be COVID fraud aware.

Scammers target small businesses whose owners are often busy and have limited resources. This risk has increased as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The latest COVID-19 scams take advantage of the changes to our daily life including:

  • loss of jobs
  • financial vulnerability
  • fear of infection
  • shortage of particular goods and services

To help you know what to look out for, we have developed a COVID fraud awareness guide for business.

The COVID fraud awareness guide for business is available on

The guide contains information on common scams, including:

  • phishing
  • fake charities
  • business email compromise
  • supply scams

The guide also contains:

  • tips on protecting your business and customers
  • information on what to do if you have been scammed, or want to report a scam
  • where to find more information

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