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3 June 2021

The Australian Government has released Australia’s Global Resources Statement: reliable, responsible and ready for the future. The statement positions the nation’s resources sector as a reliable, responsible and ready for the future trading partner.

The Global Resources Statement promotes the quality, strength and reliability of Australia as a leading supplier of crucial energy resources and  critical minerals to the world.

The statement is the first milestone achieved under the government’s Global Resources Strategy. The strategy is a part of the whole-of-government  effort to strengthen and diversify Australia's trade relationships. 

The government is committed to:

  • expanding and diversifying Australia’s resources export markets
  • strengthening our global market position
  • enhancing our trade and investment opportunities with other countries.

The Global Resources Statement will:

  • promote Australia as a reliable and responsible global supplier to the world
  • strengthen our resources exports and help secure new markets
  • support our resources sector to remain the world’s supplier of choice for major commodities as well as our critical minerals and new energy opportunities such as hydrogen
  • prepare our resources sector for the future including the growth in global demand for critical minerals.

Australia’s resources sector is strong, resilient and maintains its well-deserved reputation as a consistent supplier of energy and resources around the world. 

The statement builds on the government’s action plan set out in the National Resources Statement. Australia is striving to be the most globally attractive and competitive investment destination for resources projects.

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