Victoria Coleman

Image credit: Laurence Honnorat, Innovaxiom.

Dr Victoria Coleman from the National Measurement Institute has commenced her role as a member of the International Committee for Weights and Measures (CIPM). The CIPM is the peak international measurement body under The Metre Convention.

Dr Coleman’s election to the CIPM is a great achievement. Dr Coleman is the youngest female ever elected to this committee. She also becomes the first female President of the CIPM’s Consultative Committee for Length.

“It is a very exciting time to take on these roles. Metrology is at the heart of many measurement challenges. One current challenge is critical technologies,” explained Dr Coleman.

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace. This is clear in the digital economy, AI, and quantum technologies. Measurement science needs to evolve so it can respond in a timely way to these developments. This will help ensure confidence in these technologies.

“The technology challenges we face are all interdisciplinary. They will need us to work across areas of domain expertise. Accurate measurements will be essential and will help drive innovation and commercialisation.”

“My own area of expertise, nanometrology, is an example of an interdisciplinary area. It brings together many aspects of material science. These include physics, engineering, chemistry, and biology,” Dr Coleman added.

A strong measurement system has economic, social and safety benefits for all Australians. The global measurement framework aligns national measurement standards and calibration and measurement capabilities.

The international measurement system supports Australian science, technology, and innovation. It does so by providing traceability to internationally recognised measurement standards. This reduces technical barriers to trade, and helps Australian industry and business compete in global markets.