Australian-made ventilators delivered quickly

Australian Government joins forces with a consortium of local manufacturers and engineers to rapidly produce life-saving machines for the National Medical Stockpile

Covid 19 news illustration

We're working with Australian manufacturers to increase production in the fight against COVID-19.

Australia’s ability to support critically ill COVID patients has been reinforced with the first delivery of Notus Ventilators to the National Medical Stockpile. A consortium of local manufacturers delivered the first batch of ventilators on 31 July 2020.

The Australian Government has supported the consortium of Australian manufacturers, led by Grey Innovation, to produce 2,000 Notus ventilators. These companies pivoted to supply a critical product needed throughout the crisis. The project showcases how Australian manufacturers can step up and achieve great outcomes in uncertain circumstances.

Grey Innovation’s Executive Chairman Jefferson Harcourt said he was grateful to the local consortium partners and the Grey Innovation team for working so hard and delivering so quickly.

“We’ve got regulatory approval and now we’re manufacturing at speed,” Mr Harcourt said.

“It’s incredibly gratifying to see the first of the 2,000 ventilators ordered being loaded onto the pallet for delivery to the national stockpile. We’re very proud to support the Government’s efforts to increase Australia’s ventilator capacity in the fight against COVID-19.”

Further deliveries are expected throughout August.

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