Aerial photo of a boat in a large pond, with northern Australian bushland in the background

Tailings storage facility being dredged at the Ranger Uranium Mine. The facility is now a water dam. Image: Energy Resources of Australia

The Australian Government has passed the Atomic Energy Amendment (Mine Rehabilitation and Closure) Bill to amend the Atomic Energy Act 1953. The bill will ensure the operator of the Ranger Uranium Mine can continue rehabilitating the site until the job is done.

Located in the Northern Territory, the Ranger Uranium Mine ceased mining operations in January 2021. Since then its operator, Energy Resources of Australia, has been working to rehabilitate the site as part of long-term rehabilitation plans.

The new bill lets the government extend the regulatory framework for Ranger beyond 2026 so Energy Resources of Australia can meet the unique environmental requirements that apply to Ranger. This will see the site restored to a condition similar to surrounding Kakadu National Park.

The bill also allows parts of the project area to be ‘closed out’ once they have been rehabilitated. Ranger’s Mirarr Traditional Owners can then get back on Country as soon as it is safe to do so.