Australia-Japan cooperation in science and technology

Australian and Japanese officials met recently to enhance bilateral science and technology cooperation under our science treaty, signed 39 years ago today.
Scientists in a lab working together

Image credit: Kasipat Phonlamai/EyeEm, Getty Images

International collaboration is an important aspect of Australia’s science capability.

This year, under our bilateral science treaty with Japan, Japanese and Australian officials held the 16th Joint Science and Technology Committee meeting in Tokyo on 12 September. The meeting demonstrated the depth of the Australia-Japan bilateral relationship. It strengthened links between our science communities to create a brighter future for all through cooperation in earth, environmental, Antarctic, space, health and life sciences.

The treaty was signed 39 years ago today. It has led to some great successes such as:

  • Japan helping fund construction of Questacon in 1986
  • the establishment of the Australian National Beamline Facility at KEK’s Photon Factory in Tsukuba in 1992
  • the Japanese spacecraft Hayabusa 1 landing safely in Woomera, South Australia in 2010
  • the Hydrogen Energy Supply Chain Pilot Project to export hydrogen to Japan

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