Announcing the 2021-22 May Budget

Our portfolio will implement measures to drive a business-led recovery of Australia’s economy in response to the impacts of the pandemic.
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The Australian Government has handed down its 2021-22 Budget

The Australian Government’s 2021–22 Budget includes measures to rebuild our economy in response to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our portfolio will play a crucial role in driving the business-led recovery to:

  • build a strong, modern, more resilient and productive economy
  • support job growth
  • increase Australia’s competitiveness

We are building on Australia’s existing strengths and supporting the government’s agenda by:

  • investing in resilient and competitive manufacturing
  • ensuring affordable, reliable and secure energy for Australians
  • investing in low emissions technology
  • expanding Australia’s resources sector and prioritising development of northern Australia
  • boosting Australia’s science and research capability
  • becoming a global leader in responsible AI development and adoption
  • keeping Australians secure online by increasing cyber capabilities

We will collaborate with government and private sector to grow Australia’s economic resilience.

Read more in our 2021-22 Portfolio Budget Statements.

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More information on the Australian Government’s 2021-22 Budget can be found on the Australian Government’s Budget website.