Young people working on a STEM project

Funding will support projects delivering hands-on science, engineering, technology and mathematics (STEM) experiences for Australians under 18 years. 

Some of the successful projects:

  • Scienceplay Kids are developing hands-on STEM-HIRE kits for regional primacy schools in Victoria. The kits are accessible for all learners, especially neurodiverse learners.  
  • Beaker Street in Tasmania are connecting high school students with early-career STEM researchers. This is so students can challenge how they communicate scientific concepts and ideas in their artwork. 
  • The Andy Thomas Space Foundation are introducing a space-related STEM curriculum in schools around the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia. 
  • Reef Catchments on Marine Classroom 2.0 are connecting senior high school students from the Mackay Isaac and Whitsunday region to the Whitsunday islands to teach valuable conservation science, knowledge, and skills.

Learn more about the 22 successful projects on the website.