Quantum qubit.

Australia has been pioneering quantum technology research and development and contributing to breakthroughs for more than 2 decades.

The Australian Government is further strengthening our quantum capabilities by funding new:

  • educational opportunities to support the next generation of quantum specialists
  • opportunities to foster national collaboration between quantum researchers, industry, and government.

CSIRO awarded $3.6 million under the Australian Quantum Graduates Program

CSIRO will use $3.6 million to fund up to 20 PhDs in quantum technology. The program aims to attract and train Australia’s next generation of quantum technology specialists.

SQA awarded $1 million under the National Quantum Collaboration Initiative

SQA will use $1 million to explore options for accelerating quantum collaboration activities around Australia. SQA will undertake consultations to inform how the existing ecosystem could be adapted and expanded nationally.

SQA will present their findings to the Australian Government for consideration.