A rough ocean with circle graphics overlaying the image.

10 areas are available for work program bidding for the release. 

These areas are offshore of Western Australia, Victoria and Tasmania across 7 basins:

  • Bonaparte
  • Browse
  • Northern Carnarvon
  • Perth
  • Otway
  • Bass
  • Gippsland.

Greenhouse gas storage is the permanent storage of compressed greenhouse gas in deep underground rock formations. Permanently storing greenhouse gas may help Australia reduce emissions and achieve net zero by 2050.

Companies awarded a permit must meet a range of requirements before starting any offshore exploration activities in Australian Commonwealth waters. 

Geoscience Australia partnered with us to provide geological information to support this release. The release package includes info about each area, maps, shapefiles and bidding instructions.

View the 2023 offshore greenhouse gas storage acreage release

Bidding is open until 28 November 2023.