Global network connection concept

The minister has opened consultation on the List of critical technologies in the national interest.

The 2021 list featured 63 current and emerging technologies that have the capacity to significantly enhance or pose risk to our national interest. Technologies on the list are either critical for Australia today or could become critical within the next 10 years.

The technologies fall into 7 areas:

  • advanced materials and manufacturing
  • artificial intelligence, computing and communications
  • biotechnology, gene technology and vaccines
  • energy and environment
  • quantum
  • sensing, timing and navigation
  • transportation, robotics and space.

Your feedback will help ensure the list continues to reflect Australia’s needs.

Read the consultation paper and have your say on our Consultation hub.

The consultation closes on 30 September 2022.  

The Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet previously administered the list. It is now administered by our department following Administrative Arrangements Orders issued on 1 June 2022.