Photo shows a person pointing at a laptop screen showing complex diagrams. His colleague is watching hm explain the model.

We are funding up to 5 AI Adopt Centres to help small to medium enterprises (SMEs) grow their business through AI. 

Grant applications are now open for businesses, organisations and research organisations to create these centres. Each applicant can apply for $3 million to $5 million and must provide services that align with one or more National Reconstruction Fund priority areas. 

Each AI Adopt Centre will : 

  • showcase the innovative capabilities that AI can unlock 
  • guide SMEs on how to adopt AI responsibly and efficiently
  • give specialist training to SMEs to help them develop skills to effectively manage AI.

SMEs will be able to access these services free of charge. 

The Australian Government supports adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) in business to help improve long-term competitiveness and productivity growth. This funding is part of the Growing Australia’s Critical Technology Industries measure in the 2023-24 Budget

Apply for grants at

Applications close 29 January 2024.