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Workstations, Loose Furniture and Marketing Products for the Department of Human Services

1. General Project Details

Company name: Schiavello (Vic) Pty Ltd

Description of the project: Workstations, Loose Furniture and Marketing Products for the Department of Human Services

Project location: Nationwide

Link to project information:

Project contact for procurement information (name, phone and email): Ben Lozankoski, 9330 8461 / 0458 402 607,

2. Opportunities for Australian industry involvement

List of goods and services to be procured for the project and the expected opportunity for industry participation Australia
Raw Materials    
Aluminium Yes No
Echopanel Yes No
Particleboard Yes No
Plasterboard Yes No
Steel Yes No
Fabric Yes Yes
Timber solid Yes No
Plastics Yes Yes
Veneered wood Yes No
MDF Yes No
Transport Yes No
Installation, including electrical and computer cabling Yes No
Post installation support: maintenance and warranty Yes No
Manufacturing Operations    
Equipment and tools for manufacturing process Yes Yes
Computer hardware and software for manufacturing process Yes Yes
Install and maintain our manufacturing equipment Yes No

Disclaimer: The information provided in the table above is based on an initial assessment by the company. Any questions or issues should be raised with the project contact.

3. Communication Strategy

  • Liaison with Industry Bodies – Schiavello will engage with the Industry Capability Network and industry associations (e.g. Master Builders Association of Australia and Property Council of Australia) to communicate opportunities and identify potential suppliers.
  • Public Information Activities – Schiavello will advertise opportunities through mainstream media and through online information networks (e.g. TenderSearch and TenderLink).
  • Direct Contact with Industry – Schiavello will identify potential suppliers by conducting internet searches and reviewing Yellow Pages listings.
  • Supplier Pre-Qualification Opportunities – Suppliers approaching Schiavello will be provided a Pre‑Qualification Guide and will be required to provide information on their operations to demonstrate suitability.
  • Procurement Website – A procurement page will be developed on the Schiavello website ( to promote supply opportunities and encourage potential suppliers to register their interest.
  • Procurement of manufacturing equipment and support services – If new equipment, tools or techniques are required Schiavello will run a competitive tendering process. 

4. Opportunities through all tiers of supply and in all stages of the project

  • Australian and International Standards – Schiavello operates in adherence to a number of standards concerning product quality and manufacturing processes and requires similar standards from suppliers. A detailed list of applicable standards is available upon request.
  • Potential Supplier Assessment Process – Schiavello assesses potential suppliers against a number of requirements, including commercial aspects, technical aspects, management systems, health and safety, environmental management, industrial relations and adherence to standards.
  • AIP Obligations for Contractors and Subcontractors – Suppliers will be required to implement AIP commitments as part of supplying to Schiavello through formal contract arrangements.
  • Opportunity Development – All procurement opportunities will be developed with Australian industry capabilities taken into account and encouragement will be provided to Australian industry to participate.
  • Product Development – Australian industry will be approached as part of the process for design and development of new products. 

5. Opportunities for longer-term participation

  • International Events – Schiavello will provide suppliers with details of international events and conferences and encourage attendance to promote integration into global markets.
  • Delivery to Australian and International Standards – Schiavello will request samples from suppliers to assess and compare against the required standards. Where samples do not meet the required standard feedback will be provided to suppliers to improve capabilities.
  • Supplier Performance Management Feedback – Regular performance management meetings are conducted with suppliers to discuss areas of concern and provide advice on how to improve standards.
  • Proposal/Procurement Opportunity Feedback – Unsuccessful potential suppliers will be provided feedback on why they were unsuccessful and how to amend applications to improve potential success for future opportunities.
  • Training and Development – Schiavello will utilise its association with the International Specialised Skills Institute to identify opportunities for suppliers to become involved in international study programs.
  • Research and Development – Schiavello will engage with suppliers in the development of new products, including the design and manufacture processes. 

6. Procedures and Resources

  • The General Manager, Manufacturing will have overall responsibility for AIP Plan implementation.
  • Reporting procedures will be established to monitor AIP Plan implementation and collect evidence.