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Digital Spectrum Restack

Broadcast Australia

1. General Project Details

Company name: Broadcast Australia

Description of the project: The project includes the purchase, installation and commissioning of equipment required to restack commercial broadcasters’ television services and conduct implementation work such as antenna installation.

Project location: Australia wide

Link to project information:

Project contact for procurement information (name, phone and email): Mr Stephen Farrugia (General Manager – Engineering), (02) 6256 8518

2. Opportunities for Australian industry involvement

List of goods and services to be procured for the project and the expected opportunity for industry participation Australia
Combiners Yes Yes
Transmitters No Yes
Transmit Antennas & mount hardware Yes No
Receivers No Yes
Receive Antennas & mount hardware Yes No
Antenna feeders & consumables Yes No
Test Equipment No Yes
Design Services

  • Civil design services
  • Technical design services
  • Structural assessment services
Yes No
Implementation Works

  • Ground based Installation Works
  • Antenna Installation Works
  • Electrical installation works
  • Plumbing installation works
  • Air conditioning systems installation works
  • Equipment retune
  • Transmitter decommissioning
  • Antenna decommissioning works
  • Project Management
Yes No
Transport services

  • Freight services
  • Vehicle hire services
  • Crane operator services
Yes No

Disclaimer: The information provided in the table above is based on an initial assessment by the company. Any questions or issues should be raised with the project contact.

3. Communication Strategy

  • BA has directly contacted capable Australian broadcast industry participants and will invite them to provide proposals to provide goods and services on the project.
  • BA will consult with the broadcast industry to identify suitable contractors for the Implementation Works.
  • BA will use industry networks and forums to promote the project and specific opportunities available to local industry.  Examples of such industry networks and forums include:
    • Restack Planning Advisory Group
    • Transmission and Spectrum Working Group
    • BA Industry Consultation Group
    • FreeTV Australia.
  • Vacant positions will be advertised on BA’s web-site and LinkedIn.
  • Broadcast Australia’s (BA) contact details are available on our web-site.  This will allow prospective suppliers to contact BA regarding potential opportunities to provide goods and services.
  • The Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy (DBCDE) web-site provides a link to BA’s website and explains BA’s role as the Program Implementation Manager for restack.
  • Contracts awarded by BA will also be listed on BA’s web-site (after Commonwealth Government approval) which will allow local suppliers to approach contractors directly.

4. Opportunities through all tiers of supply and in all stages of the project

  • A mix of Australian, New Zealand and international standards will be used. International standards will be used where Australian or Australian/NZ standards are not applicable.
  • In assessing the suitability of potential suppliers, BA considers several factors including relevant experience within the Australian broadcast industry, domestic and international supply history, current commercial and technical capabilities.
  • BA will note in its agreements with contractors and subcontractors that BA is implementing an AIP Plan and will encourage these parties to also provide opportunities for competitive Australian industry to participate.
  • BA will make proposal documents available to identified suppliers at the same time allowing equal timeframes for proposal development and submission.  The assessment criteria will be consistent for all suppliers.

5. Opportunities for longer-term participation

  • BA will work with suppliers (and government programs where applicable) to encourage local industry capability development and integration into global supply chains where required.
  • BA will provide recommendations and references to contracted suppliers where requested to assist their responses to other national and international opportunities.
  • BA will provide feedback to unsuccessful organisations advising of potential areas for improvement to assist their future competitiveness and develop a larger pool of capable suppliers for future projects.
  • BA will provide continuous feedback to contracted suppliers to ensure local industry’s continued quality and competitiveness.
  • BA will provide training to Implementation contractors’ personnel to expand the breadth and depth of their skills.  Whilst this training will not align with the Australian Qualifications Framework and no formal qualification will be achieved or issued it will endorse their technical credentials and allow them to participate in the largest broadcast project in Australia.
  • BA will engage with all Implementation contractors, including providing training to contractors’ personnel, to allow them to work within BA’s Workplace Health and Safety accredited systems and processes to enable them to participate in the restack program.

6. Procedures and Resources

  • As this AIP Plan is a contractual deliverable, this will be managed in accordance with BA’s PRINCE2 project methodology.