DHS Corporate Wardrobe

Workwear Group Pty Ltd

1. General Project Details

Company name: Workwear Group Pty Ltd

Description of the project: DHS Corporate Wardrobe RFP

Estimated project value: $3.2m p.a.

Project location: Workwear Group, Port Melbourne delivering to DHS locations nationally

Project information: Project information available from ausTENDER

Project contact for procurement information: Maria Gounis, Account Manager

2. Opportunities for Australian industry involvement

List of goods and services to be procured for the project and the expected opportunity for industry participation Opportunities for Australian suppliers Opportunities for overseas suppliers
Fabric sourcing Yes Yes
Marketing Services Yes No
IT / E-Commerce Services Yes No
Labour / Staffing Services Yes Yes
Design Services Yes No
Research & Development Yes Yes
Fabric Manufacture Yes Yes
Garment Manufacture No Yes
Accessory Manufacture Yes Yes
External Quality Testing Yes Yes
Transport Services Yes No
Call Centre Services Yes Yes

Disclaimer: The information provided in the table above is based on an initial assessment by the company. Any questions or issues should be raised with the project contact.

3. Communication Strategy

  • Workwear Group does periodically invite submissions for the provision of services. This process is managed on an invitation only basis to suitably qualified providers.
  • Where relevant Workwear Group will post requests for quotations on industry portals to include the requirements that potential suppliers must satisfy in order to bid to supply key goods and services for the project. However, direct contact by invitation only is the typical process followed.
  • Sourcing of product and services is predominantly performed through direct contact. Where relevant Workwear Group will conduct industry briefings in key supply areas to raise awareness of the project, showcase to suppliers the capabilities required for the project and to enable suppliers to register their interest.
  • Workwear Group will work collaboratively with relevant suppliers to explore Australian capability and provide suppliers with a guide to the expectation of the services provided.
  • Workwear Group will contact suitably qualified suppliers directly to invite them to participate in project opportunities.

4. Opportunities through all tiers of supply and in all stages of the project

  • Workwear Group utilises management systems that are in alignment with AS/NZS 4801 OHS Management System, AS/NZS 14001 Environmental Management System and AS/NZS 9001-2008 Quality Management System.
  • All uniform products are developed to stringent performance criteria to meet or exceed AS/NZS Standards in order to continue to provide DHS with a uniform that delivers comfort, performance and value.
  • Workwear Group has supplier sourcing and management process in place that outlines performance criteria for the assessment and selection of potential suppliers. It is our aim to ensure that all suppliers are assessed on the same criteria, whether locally or offshore and can deliver quality outcomes - on time and to budget.
  • The Workwear Group process endeavours to qualify suppliers that have identified themselves as capable of providing goods/services including: Capability and experience; Financial Stability; Systems; Resources; Quality and Social Compliance.
  • Prior to supply, Workwear Group will ensure that, where relevant (i.e. Australian providers), suppliers commit to or are covered by the AIP Plan.
  • Due to the decline of the TCF industry locally, reduced capacity exists to meet all requirements of DHS. In order to ensure that Australian industry is provided full, fair and reasonable opportunity Workwear Group will seek opportunities to provide DHS with options to consider locally sourced products and / or services through either first tier or second tier sourcing routes.
  • Workwear Group does give full consideration locally, particularly in the delivery of the service requirements for DHS. External providers are sought predominantly in freight, marketing agency support and print.

5. Opportunities for longer-term participation

  • Workwear Group works with supply partners and clients on a number of ongoing initiatives to provide opportunities not only locally where possible, but to showcase our capability to clients offshore, including but not limited to: submitting proposals to both new and existing clients potentially increasing the scope of supply partners such as freight providers; working with suppliers through research and development processes to increase their capability; providing the opportunity for Workwear Group to remain a secure and sustainable local employer; and introduction of suppliers to international partners.
  • Workwear Group prides itself on delivering a blended approach which delivers upon the requirements of DHS through an ongoing programme utilising a sourcing strategy that supports both Australian industry and selects, where required, the most appropriate offshore supply partners.
  • Workwear Group attends trade shows as an exhibitor both in Australia and internationally to demonstrate industry and operational capability. In order to provide opportunities to further develop the capability of our supply base, Workwear Group will invite both suppliers and clients to attend these trade shows to gain a broader understanding of industry requirements.
  • Workwear Group values the opportunity as a member of the Wesfarmers Group to access industry insights coupled with our own periodic market intelligence research and where possible and / or relevant will provide strategic feedback to the Commonwealth on emerging trends within the uniform and services industry to continually strive to maintain best practice. Workwear Group will also provide, where relevant, market intelligence to local suppliers.
  • Through both in-house resource and external providers, Workwear Group is committed to the ongoing development and training of the entire team. With over 950 employees, Workwear Group continues to provide opportunity and capability growth to our employees. Workwear Group also takes the approach of working with key suppliers in order to build their capability for the long term.
  • Workwear Group is committed to assisting each of our clients to achieve best practice in their industry sector. Utilising both quantitative and qualitative research with uniform wearers both in Australia and overseas Workwear Group is able to present each client with emerging trends, opportunities and practices. Workwear Group will encourage its suppliers to undertake research and development and innovative activities.

6. Procedures and Resources

  • Procedures are driven by the timeline for each client including DHS. The progress of each project is tracked and monitored through disciplined project timeline management. This requires a collaborative approach between DHS and Workwear Group through a combination of monthly and bi-annual review meetings. Workwear Group will monitor progress on the agreed AIP Plan in both monthly and bi-annual review meetings.
  • Workwear Group teams continually assess, discuss and develop supplier performance across core KPIs in cost, quality, delivery and development through: Monthly product flow meeting reviews (internal process); Vendor Scorecard reviews with suppliers (annual meeting in person with the supplier); and Costing Process (email communication and directly with core suppliers as required).
  • Annual program is developed in conjunction with DHS to achieve optimal outcome. This ensures that the milestones required are met by all parties.