Barcaldine Remote Community Solar Farm Pty Ltd

1. General Project Details

Company name: Barcaldine Remote Community Solar Farm Pty Ltd (BRCSF).

Description of the project: The Barcaldine Solar Farm is a proposed 25 megawatt photovoltaic solar project located approximately five kilometres east of the central western Queensland township of Barcaldine.  The project is being planned and developed by the Barcaldine Remote Community Solar Farm Pty Ltd (BRCSF), a company owned by Elecnor Australia Pty Ltd and Elecnor SA. Elecnor Australia is a subsidiary of Elecnor SA, one of the world’s leading solar energy development companies.

Estimated project value: $60 million.

Project location: East of the central western Queensland township of Barcaldine.

Link to project information:

Project contact for procurement information: Manuel Lopez-Velez, 0499558766,

2. Opportunities for Australian industry involvement

List of goods and services to be procured for the project and the expected opportunity for industry participation Opportunities for Australian suppliers Opportunities for overseas suppliers
Civil design works Yes Yes
Construction of site facilities Yes No
Foundation construction Yes Yes
Earthworks Yes No
Road construction Yes No
Electrical design works Yes Yes
Supply of electrical equipment Yes Yes
Installation and final fit-out of the solar panels. Yes No
Tracking system No Yes
Solar panels No Yes
Rental Machinery Yes No
Tree clearing Yes No
Fence construction Yes No

Disclaimer: The information provided in the table above is based on an initial assessment by the company. Any questions or issues should be raised with the project contact.

3. Communication Strategy

  • ​The Barcaldine Solar Farm website will actively communicate information on the types of project opportunities available to Australian industry as it becomes available and this will be a source of up-to-date information during construction.
  • Future sessions will be organised to ensure contractors know what work will be carried out and the available opportunities. These information sessions will be advertised through ICN and through relevant industry media to ensure Australian SMEs are aware of project opportunities and are given the opportunity to attend.
  • BRCSF will provide a list of goods and services to be procured for the project and the expected opportunity for the local industry participation regional and state entities such as the Trade & Investment Queensland (TIQ).
  • BRCSF will seek information on Australian Industry capability from the ICN to identify capable and competitive suppliers suitable to provide goods and services to the project.

4. Opportunities through all tiers of supply and in all stages of the project

  • ​Green Light Contractor as the EPC contractor will use a process of Registration of Interest (R0I), selection of appropriately skilled and qualified contractors, invitation to tender by Request for Quotation or Pricing (RFQ or RFP) leading to the final selection and engagement.
  • Green Light Contractor will evaluate the responses from potential parties to determine their level of compliance with the EPC contractor's requirements and project objectives. This assessment will determine which parties may then be approached for either the RIP or RFQ stages. Conforming responses are evaluated on the level of compliance with the requirements, including ability to meet timeframes, Health, Safety, Environment (HSE) and Quality Assurance (QA) requirements, whole of life costs, quality and economic considerations.
  • Green Light Contractor will also work with the ICN to develop pre-qualifying questions that the ICN will use to create a shortlist that will be given to the EPC Contractor.
  • The project involves many and various standards, many of which are not Australian standards due to the industry being in its infancy in Australia. In the void created by the absence of Australian standards, the Australian solar Industry has adopted those International standards as is required for the Industry to exist. These standards do not preclude any contractor or Supplier from registering their interest for involvement.
  • BRCSF will attempt to carry out a local (Barcaldine area) skills availability audit in consultation with the Barcaldine Shire Council, employment networks through the Community Reference Group process.

5. Opportunities for longer-term participation

  • BRCSF will encourage Green Light Contractor to provide introductions of local project suppliers, with proven skills and abilities, to other entities operating in the large scale international solar PV market.
  • Where possible, BRCSF facilitates the introduction of local Australian suppliers such as panel or inverter manufacturers and civil and electrical contractors, to off-shore suppliers. This enables off-shore suppliers to form partnerships with local Australian suppliers and provide EPC project models to BRCSF and other solar farm developers.
  • Green Light Contractor will provide high performing suppliers with references to assist them to gain access to future project RFQ's.

6. Procedures and Resources

  • BRCSF will ensure the Green Light Contractor implements a Project Management Plan, (PMP). This plan will incorporate the requirements to record and comply with the AIP including:

    • System to monitor and report on the extent of AIP; and
    • System to identify inappropriate action under the AIP plan and record any corrective action; and
    • System to identify and report any deviations from the AIP plan
  • BRCSF will provide this AIP plan to Green Light Contractor and in turn ensure the EPC contractor provides its contractors with a copy of this AIP plan to help ensure all parties involved are committed to this plan, and to provide information on the intent of the AIP plan for all contractors and their subcontractors.