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Australian Federal Police Forensic Facility - Majura, ACT

1. General Project Details

Company name: Cockram Construction Ltd

Description of the project: This project involves two major components for the construction of a new Australian Federal Police (AFP) Forensic Facility at Majura, ACT. One component involves the construction of a 13,600 square metre (gross floor area) two storey building, offering a mixture of premium office accommodation and specialist laboratory and industrial spaces. The second component involves the construction of infrastructure, civil and site works for the facility, with a requirement for fire sprinkler tanks, black water treatment, services reticulation, a bio-retention basin, an access road (Ceremonial Drive), car park and landscaping.

Project location: Majura, ACT

Link to project information:

Project contact for procurement information: Mark Eades, 0401 693 748,

2. Opportunities for Australian industry involvement

List of goods and services to be procured for the project and the expected opportunity for industry participation​ Australia
Design services​ ​Yes ​No
Civil and external works​ ​Yes ​No
​Mechanical and electrical services ​Yes ​Yes
​Fire and hydraulic services ​Yes ​No
​Lab gas services ​Yes ​No
​Structural steel, furniture, windows ​Yes ​Yes
​Entrance control barriers ​Yes ​Yes
​Lifts ​Yes ​Yes
​Ballistics doors, including frames and windows ​Yes ​Yes
​Door hardware ​Yes ​Yes
​Doors and frames ​Yes ​No
​Flooring, formwork, joinery ​Yes ​No
​Concrete and precast concrete, masonry, reinforcement ​Yes ​No
​Metalwork, roller shutters, roofing ​Yes ​No
​Operable wall ​Yes ​No
​Landscape and irrigation ​Yes ​No
​Painting and tiling ​Yes ​No

Disclaimer: The information provided in the table above is based on an initial assessment by the company. Any questions or issues should be raised with the project contact.

3. Communication Strategy


  • Liaison with Industry Bodies – Cockram will engage with the Industry Capability Network and industry associations (e.g. Master Builders Australia, the Australian Construction Association, Australian Construction Industry Forum) to communicate opportunities and identify potential suppliers.
  • Public Information Activities – Cockram will conduct a number of Public information activities to promote the project and communicate information of upcoming potential Request for Tenders (RFT).
  • Public Announcement – Cockram intends to advertise the project by way of various media forums that include The Sydney Morning Herald, The Canberra Times, and The Australian.
  • Company Website – Cockram will develop its company website ( to allow potential suppliers to register their interest, and to nominate the goods/services they are capable of supplying.
  • Online Portals – Potential suppliers that have provided their contact details can be notified of project details, timing, etc. via online portals such as Tenderlink and EstimateOne. Cockram will also utilise email web based programs such as Building Industry Online & Bid Contender to directly contact suppliers.
  • Pre-Qualification Opportunities – Suppliers that register will need to complete a pre-qualification questionnaire. Pre-qualified suppliers will automatically receive RFTs relevant to their capabilities and capacity. 

4. Opportunities through all tiers of supply and in all stages of the project 

  • Australian and International Standards – Australian Building Codes and Standards will be applied to this project.
  • Supplier Assessment Process – All RFTs will have standard response deadlines. Pre-qualified suppliers will be notified of RFTs at the same time to ensure that an equal opportunity to bid has been allocated. RFT responses will be selected on merit, and will be assessed equally.
  • AIP Obligations – Suppliers will be contractually obligated to implement the actions of this AIP plan.
  • RFT Response Templates – Cockram will reduce the cost of responding to RFTs by developing response templates that provide clear direction and information directly relevant to the specific RFT being submitted.

5. Opportunities for longer-term participation

  • International Events – Where appropriate, Cockram will provide Australian suppliers with introductions to overseas suppliers and global companies.

  • RFT Feedback – Potential suppliers unsuccessful in RFTs will be provided with feedback that focuses on where they may improve for future tenders. Feedback will also be provided to project suppliers for the improvement of their processes to ensure future work and relevance in the international market.

  • Training and Development – Cockram will provide in-house training and certification to enhance the ability of Australian industry to obtain additional business locally and overseas. Cockram will also encourage adoption of ISO requirements and OH&S Qualifications.

  • Strategic partnerships – Where a mutually beneficial arrangement is identified, Cockram will enter strategic partnerships with suppliers. This arrangement will help to provide business certainty.

  • Use of Local Products – Where overseas products are specified, and if applicable, Cockram will advise subcontractors on locally sourced equivalent products. Cockram will also distribute project information newsletters that provide information on locally sourced products. Consultants will be advised on the benefits of locally sourced products, aiding their specification at future projects. 

6. Procedures and Resources

  • The Senior Construction Manager will have overall responsibility for AIP Plan implementation.

  • Systems will be developed for monitoring AIP Plan implementation and reporting, and for corrective action where necessary.

  • A formal AIP policy will be developed that will include the actions of the AIP Plan and provide information on the intent of AIP for all Cockram projects.