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Hydrogen Energy Supply Chain Pilot Project

Hydrogen could provide a secure and clean source of energy as countries tackle the challenge of meeting national and international emissions reduction targets.

The Australian and Victorian Governments are supporting a world-first project to produce hydrogen in Victoria and export it to Japan. The Hydrogen Energy Supply Chain Pilot Project will run from 2018 to 2021 to test the supply chain from Australia to Japan.

Stages of the pilot

This project will develop and trial a seven-stage hydrogen supply chain.

  1. Gasification of Victorian brown coal to produce synthetic gas (carbon monoxide and hydrogen).
  2. Refining the gas to hydrogen.
  3. Transporting the gas by truck from the Latrobe Valley to the Port of Hastings in Victoria.
  4. Liquefaction of gas to hydrogen liquid.
  5. Storing the liquid hydrogen for transport by ship to Japan.
  6. Transporting the liquid hydrogen to Japan using an advanced technology, purpose built ship.
  7. Unloading and storing the liquid hydrogen in Japan.

A successful pilot project will be a first step towards establishing a commercial hydrogen production and export industry.

The project will deliver significant economic benefits to Australia. It will also build on Australia’s long-standing and productive relationships with Japan.

The decision to move to commercial production will be made in the 2020s and operations would be established in the 2030s. This will depend on the successful completion of the pilot, regulatory approvals, community backing and demand for hydrogen.

This project is an important step for Australian science and innovation as we investigate new ways to create and use energy in the global economy.

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Last updated: 8 December 2020

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