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Low emissions technologies for fossil fuels

Burning fossil fuels such as coal, natural gas and oil releases carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Low emission fossil fuel technologies reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the power sector and in industrial processes such as cement, steel and hydrogen production. 

Low emission fossil fuel technologies include:

We support these technologies by funding programs and initiatives that reduce technical risk and speed up commercialisation.

Programs and initiatives

We partner with project proponents to implement these programs and initiatives. We manage these programs with our research agencies, CSIRO and Geoscience Australia.

International engagement

We participate in multilateral forums to exchange information and expertise. We promote and leverage opportunities offered by low emissions technologies internationally.

These forums include:

Australia works with key bilateral partners—such as China, Japan, India and the United States—to develop and deploy low emission technologies.

Regulating carbon capture and storage

Carbon capture and storage is regulated depending on if it occurs offshore or onshore.

Offshore regulation

The National Offshore Petroleum Safety and Environmental Management Authority (NOPSEMA) regulates health and safety, well integrity and environmental management for offshore greenhouse gas storage operations. See NOPSEMA’s legislation and regulations page to find about their functions and powers under the Offshore Petroleum and Greenhouse Gas Storage Act 2006.

Onshore regulation

State and territory governments regulate carbon capture and storage (CCS) activities that occur onshore and within the coastline, up to three nautical miles from the baseline.

The Regulatory Guiding Principles for Carbon Dioxide Capture and Geological Storage [404KB PDF] sets out a nationally consistent regulatory CCS framework.

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Last updated: 8 June 2021

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